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042 Character Psychology with Dr Alex Bryant

July 29, 2020

Episode Show Notes


This week’s questions is:

What part of character creation do you find the hardest?


Book recommendation of the week is: The Occupation Thesaurus by Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi


My blog review and lessons learned How to use character occupations to deepen your characterization 


Grab The Occupation Thesaurus here.


I was delighted to be interviewed by AG Billig on her Self-Publishing Mastery talks channel. We had an amazing chat  about adulting, parenting, creativity, routine and more. Watch here.


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Read his books: 

Instagram: @alexbryantauthor 

Facebook: @alexbryantauthor



Rebel of the week this week is HB Lyne

If you’d like to be a Rebel of the week please do send in your story, it can be any kind of rebellion. You can email your rebel story to or tweet me @rebelauthorpod



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