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016 How to Improve Your Writing with Gabriela Pereira

February 19, 2020

Episode Show Notes

Gabriela's LIVE webinar called How to Survive and Succeed as a Writer (without Breaking Your Heart or Losing Your Mind). This webinar will be on Tuesday, February 25th @ 1pm Eastern Time. Here's the blurb for the webinar:

If you can't make the webinar, there will be a recording, but it will expire at 11:59pm on February 28th. If you want to attend, click the link below. Please note, I am a course student of Gabriela's which is why I'm super enthusiastic as I know the quality of Gabriela's courses. It's also why I'm an affiliate for her courses.

Find Gabriela on her:

Website Instagram Twitter Facebook


How do you intentionally learn or improve your craft and the business of writing?

Book recommendation this week is Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

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Listener Rebel of the Week is Sam… Er I’ll be keeping his surname private because he has quite the rebellion!

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